Brilliant Resilience empowers you to do your own healing work.

You’ve probably heard of acupuncture, and maybe you’ve heard of Reiki, but Divine Coding? Michale Flow? These are not household names! It’s something about energy, right? Even that isn’t very clear. What exactly is it that Brilliant Resilience can do for you?

Let’s start with this whole idea of energy healing. The world, the universe, is made up of energy. We all learned that in science class at some point, right? What most of us didn’t pay so much attention to is how all this energy has an effect on who we are and how we live. Energy can be very subtle or very strong: a nice breeze or a tornado. All the energy floating around us holds a vibration, and the vibrations that energy holds, make us feel a lot of things. We were often taught somewhere between childhood and adulthood to stop listening to that crap and focus on our logical thoughts instead.  That’s okay, we are all part of this human evolution process that is now encouraging us to return to intuition, or listen to the vibrational energy around us.

Energy affects us in all sorts of ways. When you want to avoid feeling rejected, you can store the rejection energy in your body somewhere instead of processing through it. That energy will likely become physical pain. You might have had experiences where you felt unsafe. The energy of feeling unsafe could lead you to gain weight, to create a boundary between you and the world. You might have so much energy flowing through you every day that it makes you feel panicked, and the energy turns into anxiety. You work with energy every single day of your life; you probably just don’t understand the extent to which you are doing it.

When you are driving in your car and you sense someone looking at you, that is recognizing energy. When you weigh the pros and cons of two different career choices, and despite your list one just feels like the right fit, that is recognizing energy.

Well what Brilliant Resilience can do, is look at all the energy around you and within you, and then help you recognize it. Receiving a healing session can teach you how to see what you already know about your own life, just in a different way. For a lot of people, it suddenly feels very familiar, like walking into a room you haven’t been in since childhood. For some people, it feels completely new, like something has been unlocked and opened for the first time. Brilliant Resilience can then help you reorganize. Healing sessions can show you how to clear out old energy that holds you back and bring in new energy that supports you. As a healing practitioner, I use a lot of techniques that I have been trained to do, but you might not notice any of that.

What I do is open the doors and help you see more of what is around you. Either way, I use my skills as a healer to give you access to working with your energy in new ways. When you see the energy that makes your back  ache, you can release it. Then, later, when you catch yourself storing pain in your lower back, you know how to change your patterns so that the pain does not resurface.

Another example of a great time to receive a healing session is when you are about to make a huge change in your life: you get a new job, you buy a house, or you find a new partner. All these things are often wonderful changes that make you happier, but often there is a part of you that wants everything to stay the same. That part of you usually works against you, trying to convince you to stick to an old situation that feels more familiar. This could result in getting sick on your first day of work or suddenly losing finances that had been stable for a long time. The energy within you that is trying to hold you back can create visible consequences in your life. It’s important to acknowledge these energies so that you don’t end up frustrated and defeated. Fortunately, there are ways to work with the parts of you that are feeling insecure and holding you back. Brilliant Resilience can show you how to make transitions easier so that you feel confident instead of afraid.