Tara Leafman has spent her entire life working with her Angel Guides. After she graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in child development and family studies,  she trained with the Divine Coding Institute and became a Divine Coding practitioner. Over the next three years, she became a Reiki Master and trained to become an advanced and elite Divine Coding practitioner.

Tara is 1 of 10 Elite Divine Coding practitioners in the world.

 Tara is passionate about empowering her clients to find healing in their own lives and connect more strongly with their Angel Guides. She is an avid student of Yoga as well. You can find Tara at the yoga studio 6-7 times a week!

Tara Leafman inspires everyone she works with to seek their own inner truth in a gentle, compassionate way.

Tara is an energetic fun, person who loves to play. She brings this energy into every class, workshop, and healing session she leads. Your experiences with Brilliant Resilience will not just be calm and quiet. There’s no need to feel like you need to be a serene Yogi while you work with her. Tara is ready to get you excited about doing the healing work you are ready do.  There are so many possibilities for your life! Tara is passionate about helping you reach your goals and greet your lifelong dreams as they become a reality for you!