“I am only too happy to talk about the work that Tara does. She has been a healing force in the life of me and my family… As a health care practitioner myself, I know that such work can be personally draining and difficult. The joy and enthusiasm Tara shares is amazing.”

-Debra Day, Nurse Practitioner

“Thank you for changing me from a skeptic to a believer in the practice of alternative healing/medicine.”

-Desirae Boydte, Hotel Manager

“Working with Tara is a life changing and intense experience. I have grown so much and learned a lot about myself and the parts that need healing. I am grateful to her for her patience as I integrate what she has taught me.”

–Laura Heilman, Teacher

“I’m enjoying the process we started in our last session, and I am amazed at how little time it took to affect such a prolonged period of healing!  Yay!”

-Kat Powers, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Student

“I have no words to describe my first experience with Tara’s healing abilities. We were traveling together in a group experience in Israel.  After a phone call I got very emotional and I had that feeling in my throat, you know that feeling when you wanted to say something but for some reason you didn’t express yourself? Yes that feeling. I was crying already when Tara just popped up next to me, just like our Angels that are always there in service to us. Right away she gave me the brake down, ‘Your heart chakra is very open with this beautiful white light but the throat chakra is blocked right now.’ Immediately after she started working the energy, that feeling in my throat chakra and the deep sadness I was feeling went away.
“I met Tara in February 2011. I started the Divine Healing Sessions in June. With my willingness to grow and shine more of the light that comes from within me, I’ve been having an amazing journey, and I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together. Thanks Tara.”

–Nicole Katzender- Real Estate Agent