Divine Coding Practitioners

One Stop Healing Shop Tammy and Lisa offer many different services and trainings. You can work with them to become a Divine Coding Practitioner or become awakened to your own personal healing abilities.
Qi Acupuncture Work with Linda Cherf to create new foundations and structure for yourself as you quit smoking, lose weight, release pain, and enjoy a brand new way of life!
True Self Expressions Carol Sather is the conduit for Archangels and Ascended Masters. Her healing work helps you release spiritual, physical, and emotional blocks, fears, and traumas. This process allows you to see the root cause of issues in order to uncover your true radiance.
Insight for Health and Healing Tina Mancusi offers intuitive healing, angel card readings and more. Working with Tina will leave you feeling refreshed in new clarity!

Businesses that  Brilliant Resilience Supports:

Homeslice Productions
Donors Choose
 Perennial Yoga and Meditation Center
Better World Shopping Guide

Brilliant Minds: Gay Hendricks Peggy McColl  Sarah Kay Mary Morrissey Dan Millman Carolyn Myss Doreen Virtue Deepak Chopra Pema Chodron Wayne Dyer Masaru Emoto Phil Kaye

Book Recommendations:

Way of a Peaceful Warrior Dan Millman
The Big Leap Gay Hendricks
You Can Heal Your Life Louise Hay
Your Destiny Switch Peggy McColl
Autobiography of a Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda
A New Earth Deepak Chopra
Messages from Water and the Universe Masaru Emoto

Children’s Books

I Think I Am! Louise Hay
The Adventures of Lulu Louise Hay
Thank You Angels Doreen Virtue
Incredible You! Wayne Dyer
The Secret of Water Masaru Emoto
It’s Not What You’ve Got! Wayne Dyer and Kristina Tracy