Divine Coding

Divine Coding is a beautiful, dynamic healing technique that can take you to places you never thought possible. We can work together to heal past life issues that are affecting your current daily life. We can explore the Akashic records and review and update sacred contracts that you made before incarnating into this life. We can balance your chakras, light grids, meridians, and light body. We can cleanse your aura and fill your energy body full of healing, loving, light energy. We can work through emotions that are being stored in your body, and provide them a means to release and be replaced with a pure, loving energy. We can work through relationship boundaries and allow you to relate to others in a more helpful way. We can clear DNA, and create healthier patterns in your family.

Divine Coding allows for beautiful, multidimensional healing that can feel like magic. It also provides concrete physical changes in your body that allow for healthier living. Divine Coding gives you practical tools and exercises you can use to work through tough situations and create happier relationships with the people you care about. Divine Coding has so much to offer, and if you are open to receiving the energy, love, and acceptance that the Angels are providing for you, it is the perfect gift to give yourself or anyone you care about.

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