One Hour Healing Session

Whether you are stressed out and simply need a little guidance or you are facing some major life changing situations and feel like you are almost begging for help…

Healing sessions with Brilliant Resilience can bring you a world of good.

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You will end a healing session with Tara feeling uplifted and clear. You might have answers to important questions you have been asking yourself for a long time or simply feel stronger. Your Angel Guides can bring you insights that you are looking for. They can show you a situation from a perspective you haven’t considered before. They can be there to remind you that you’re doing a great job being you.

Take the busy life you’re leading right now and give your attention to the Angels for an hour.

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Your life will change because of it. You will find the inner strength you’ve been looking for, and you will feel more confident and capable to take on the daily challenges you are facing right now.

Whether your concerns are about your physical health or emotional well being, the Angels are here for you, and Tara Leafman is ready to be a clear channel to connect you more strongly to your Angel Guides.

Michale Flow is energy that comes directly from Archangel Michael and Tara’s Divine Self. It flows throughout your healing session, clearing away all the old energy and old thought patterns that you are ready to be done with. Michale Flow fills you with love and light from the Divine, allowing you to grow into the person you came here to be.

Healing sessions with Brilliant Resilience are about celebrating who you are as you work through life’s challenges. They are a reminder of your own unique brilliance, and they are here to serve you in more ways than you can even imagine!

Give yourself the gift of the Angels!  

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