12 Week Challenge!

How much can your life change in 12 weeks?

What if today was the day that Archangel Ariel took you out to the garden and helped you turn the soil of your heart as you plant seeds of love and peace and happiness just  like you might plant carrots and tomatoes and cucumbers?

How would it feel to receive the help of Archangel Ariel’s lions as you fill your heart with fertility and possibility? How would it feel to build a golden monument of strength in your core full of self confidence wrapped around a Divine truth that started your heart beating before you were born?

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How might it feel to flood your life with a love so strong that earthquakes couldn’t break it?

How might it feel to allow Archangel Michael to find all the bits and pieces of your broken heart strewn all across your life sent away with ex-lovers, failed exams, lost elections, and stolen navigational systems? What would happen if you allowed Archangel Michael to bring them back to you, polished and clean, an offering of hope and wholeness? How might it feel to take the newly refurbished gift of your Divine Light and find your heart mended, as whole as it was before you ever knew it could possibly get broken?

Have you asked yourself lately why?

Why you keep feeling the same feelings? Experiencing the same experiences? Have you wound your mind in so many circles that you can’t remember where you started and going back is just as hard as going forward? Maybe your thought patterns got all knotted up in trying to understand the world. Maybe your emotions turned from flowing rivers to wild rapids, uncontrolled. Maybe you’re afraid of losing all control over your life, or maybe you feel like you already did.

Are you ready to get your life back?

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Do you know you existed in your grandmother’s womb? You were an egg in the unborn ovaries of your mother, and you were held in the cocoon of your grandmother’s fears and hopes and strife.

Have you ever asked yourself just how long you have been holding onto your fears? Or if they are yours at all?

How might it feel to allow St. Germaine to delicately shift your DNA and release the tiniest of dark spots bringing you the brightest of white energy to smooth over all the arguments you have been having with your parents since you were two years old?

What is it that you’re missing?

Is your heart turned upside down, inside out? Are you wondering why you are here? Are you asking to meet your life purpose, sit down with it at a coffee shop and discuss your future plans over lattes and scones? Have you been searching for so long that you forgot the questions that set you on your path in the first place?

Are you sick of the repetition of finding glimpses of faith as you sail along in your small but sturdy boat only to return to the harbors of doubt or shame? It can be dizzying to be on a healing path. How many spirals must we embark on in order to find our way home?

Does your heart long to feel happiness and peace while your mind grows tired of searching?

Maybe it’s time to sit down to tea with Mother Mary. Play a game of cards with Archangel Gabriel. Dance with St. Germaine. Maybe it’s time to go for a hike in the woods with St. Francis meet up with the oak trees and remember that you’re okay.

Maybe it’s time to ask new questions and get new answers.

What if your life stopped feeling like a standardized test that you barely studied for and started feeling like it was a game that’s fun to play with your friends and your family where you’re all on the same team and when you choose to “dial a friend” the phone line goes directly to the Angels where they are all patiently waiting for you and every question you want to ask them?

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What if the document folders on your laptop read “Days that made me happy,” and “Moments I found Peace,” and “Hours I spent loving myself?” What if the excel sheets you printed out where you categorized and correlated your inside feelings and your outside experiences and they all read, “100% matching”?

What could you do today if you knew that tomorrow was definitely going to be the best day of your life yet? What would you do tomorrow if you knew that the day after that was going to be even better?

Maybe Archangel Haniel can help you see that you’re worth loving. Maybe Dom Inacio can remind you just how beautiful and strong your body is. He could remind you every time you catch sight of your hands that your body was built to become a reservoir of happiness, a cistern of hope. I bet you could use that reminder.

Your finger tips are meant for weaving your smiles together with all the other smiles around you, and if you don’t walk out your front door to smiling faces, then your fingers are made for clicking on keyboards until you find things to smile about.

What if you gave this whole, “Spiritual Healing” thing a try?

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What if you found that one hour of your life spent amongst your Angel guides, guided you in a brand new direction set in place with grace and ease, teaching you to flow forward through all the challenges that have kept you holding yourself back? What if you find something new in yourself today and what if that new thing is actually as old as time, because who you are is bright and Divine. You are worth every penny you choose to spend and every second of time you choose to devote to yourself.

What if you find that for every minute you spend healing your life, you get 100 times that in happiness to share with the world?

What if you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for? What if you try on Brilliant Resilience and see if it fits like that fancy black dress you’ve been eyeing through the window or those comfy sweatpants you have been looking forward to wearing all day long?

What if you drink one sip of your new, peaceful life only to realize that there is a whole ocean full of it to nourish you all the time?

Imagine what 12 weeks of lattes and scones with your life purpose could do for you as a partner, as a parent, as a person.

Imagine drinking tea with Mother Mary every day of your life, and see just what it feels like to walk through the woods with Archangel Michael and clear away all the dark fears that led you here.

Imagine spending 3 months committing yourself over and over again to shining your bright wisdom on the world and making your mark on humanity.

Imagine 90 days in the arms of the Angels feeling their soft white feathers on your cheeks as they rock you sweetly into a brand new comfort zone, and you realize who you truly are all over again.

Who could you love more with all this help and support? How could you find more peace with all this love? Where could your life take you with this new found faith?

What could you become if you take a chance on yourself, and give the 12 Week Challenge a try? 

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 What You Pay:

$297 per month for 3 months.

What You Get:

  • Weekly hour-long healing sessions in person, over the phone, or via Skype.
  • Direct, loving guidance from your Angel guides.
  • Tea and scones with Mother Mary*
  • Homework that will help keep you on track throughout the week.
  • An angelic team of planners reminding you that your efforts are worthwhile!

What You Save:

12 Individual Healing sessions at full price would cost you over $1000!

You save $130!

*Tea and scones are not guaranteed!  🙂

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Are you ready for some lasting change in your life? Have you gone to healing workshops before? Received healing sessions? Have you tried reiki, acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy? Are you still finding yourself in the same circles facing the same challenges?

Are you ready to make a commitment to making your life better?

Michale Flow brings you resources that shift your current thinking into an entirely new paradigm. I have watched clients come into my office, enjoy a healing session, and walk out a brand new person. If this much change can occur in one hour, imagine how much your life can change with 12 sessions in a row?!

You will find yourself with more time and more energy to enjoy your life.

You won’t be spending time worrying about all the things you used to worry about. You can release all the loops of thoughts in your mind that keep you returning to your old way of being.

Commit to yourself right now!

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How would it feel if you let go of all the negative patterns you have been repeating over and over for years of your life?

Change your relationships for the better.

Michale Flow and Divine Coding can come together to release negative energetic cords that drain your energy. Healing sessions can improve communication between you and your partner, you and your kids, you and your friends because they can allow you to be more honest with yourself. When you truly know where you stand, you realize that what bugs you about other people becomes a lesson in learning about yourself.

Are you ready to take a real look at what you don’t like about yourself? Brilliant Resilience can give you resolution to long standing battles you have in your head. Whether you feel not good enough, not worthy enough, not successful enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, the angels can help you accept yourself as you are and remind you of your true Divine beauty.

Are you ready to see and embrace your Divine beauty?

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Brilliant Resilience is about honesty. When you face your truth your whole world changes for the better. It might become more difficult for a while, and you may need more support than usual. That’s what the 12 week challenge is set up for. Seeing yourself with honesty and love brings space for you to feel all the feelings you have been avoiding. Once you begin the process of moving through your emotions, your energy becomes lighter and lighter. Tara is honored to hold space for you on your transformation. She brings expertise and clear guidance to you in every healing session you work together.

Tara’s work has been described as,

 “A healing force in the life of me and my family.” –Debra Day, Nurse Practitioner

“Life changing and intense.” –Laura Heilman, 6th Grade Teacher

Allow the angels to heal your physical body. Find the true roots to your physical discomforts. Do you have chronic pain? Maybe it is time to let the angels help…even if the doctors can’t. Better yet, combine the healing you receive from the doctors with the healing you receive from Brilliant Resilience. The angels know and understand how to combine their healing energies with modern medications and treatments.

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What You Pay:

$297 per month for 3 months.

What You Get:

  • Weekly hour-long healing sessions in person, over the phone, or via Skype.
  • Direct, loving guidance from your Angel guides.
  • Homework that will help keep you on track throughout the week.
  • An angelic team of planners reminding you that your efforts are worthwhile!

What You Save:

12 Individual Healing sessions at full price would cost you over $1000!

You save $130!

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