Feeling Skeptical?

This sounds like a lot of hype- what does it really mean to get healing work done?  

When you sign up for a healing session with Brilliant Resilience, your session can be over the phone, on Skype or in person. It might feel similar to a therapy session. I usually make funny movements with my fingers, because the Angels communicate with me in symbols and the symbols flow out my fingers, toes, and eyes to deliver healing to you. Almost always, you sense something happening. You might feel relief, support, or joy. You might notice a specific part of your body shift in some way. You might recognize something that you have been lying to yourself about for a long time. The healing session will last for a half hour or an hour, and at the end the Angels will probably give you some homework to do. This is of the “self help” genre of homework to keep you moving through the issues that came up in the healing session. My goal in every healing session is to empower you to make positive, lasting changes in your daily life. 

Your prices seem pretty high…

It’s true. Healing sessions with Brilliant Resilience can be somewhat expensive. There is plenty of thought put into the prices, though.  Studies have shown that when it comes to personal growth, if you invest more money in yourself you see better results. You are not paying for my time. You are paying for your results. Your health and wellness are not worth finding on the bargain rack. Just like you wouldn’t seek out the cheapest surgeon, it’s worth spending more money to receive the highest quality, most long-lasting results.

From a more spiritual standpoint. All the prices are set in meditation. After creating a service or program, I sit down with my Angel guides and ask them to give me the price for the program that will best serve everyone involved. Often the numbers are chosen based on sacred geometry, metaphysics, and the spiritual vibration that emanates into the Universe to bring you the right results for your life. All of these details are precisely orchestrated by the Angels themselves, and I trust them to provide me with the proper cost for every service I provide.

Do I have to do anything?

Yes! Living your life on a healing path usually means doing work that makes you uncomfortable almost every day. The reason for this is that you are probably pretty comfortable feeling mediocre or even miserable right now. You need to move into an uncomfortable zone to improve your mood, face the challenges you have spent years avoiding, and find the happiness you keep saying you want to find. The Angels will make this uncomfortable work worthwhile, though. They help make scary things less scary, they make sadness and depression less intense, and they help relieve your anxiety by offering calm supportive energy to you over and over until you start letting their healing energy into your life.

This sounds religious…

All the work that Brilliant Resilience does is nondenominational. You do not have to belong to any religious group or even feel like a spiritual person to participate in Brilliant Resilience healing sessions or workshops. All that is asked of you is to show up with an open mind and a bit of curiosity. I often bring in the energy of Angels, Ascended Masters, and Saints from many different religious traditions. Their energy is sent to you simply to bring you love and guidance based on their sacred knowledge and expertise.

How exactly is this going to make my life better?

Working with Brilliant Resilience and your Angel Guides will bring you clarity to start. They will remind you of deep truths that you have been avoiding. They will then give you tools like positive affirmations, writing exercises or even workout routines that will help you understand yourself and your life better. Once you have a handle on where you are at right now, they will start guiding you to where you truly want to be. Are you looking for a better job? Loving relationships? A sense of contentment or fulfillment in your life? Do you want to be a better parent? The Angels are here to support you and guide you through anything that you want  to change about your life so that you feel better in an everyday way.


Yup! Angels are around you every day of your life! Isn’t that crazy? I can’t say I ever saw myself working with Angels as my “grown up” job, but as I grew into my own spiritual practice I started questioning all kinds of things people say about reality. When I started allowing myself to feel the Angels around me, I recognized myself more clearly. I invite you to try an introductory session for just $20 and see how you feel about it. You might not leave believing in Angels yourself, and that’s just fine! It’s very likely that you will feel the benefits of the healing work you receive whether you believe in Angels or not.

Why the 12-week commitment?

This is not just a ploy to get more money than you want to pay! When you go for a weekend retreat or a day at the spa, it is easy to find your bliss and peace in those moments. You don’t live alone at the top of a mountain though. You live here, with your family and your job and your bills. I offer special rates when you commit to three months of healing work, because I know how much YOU will benefit. It can be hard to commit to something, especially if it feels selfish or takes time or money away from other things that are important to you, but you deserve the time it takes to focus on where you are at. The better you can be for yourself, the better you can be for the people you love. When you commit to working with Brilliant Resilience for 12 weeks, you are much more likely to gain long term benefits, not just short term fixes. I am not in this work to heal you. I am here to teach you and encourage you to heal yourself. Three months of healing sessions gives us the time together to get into the real work that will bring you lasting change in your life. That is what I am committed to. Are you? Check out the 12 Week Challenge option!

How can I even tell if you’re qualified?

This is a great question. I cannot boast a PhD or a certificate that shows I passed the boards to become an expert in my field. What I can offer you is my honesty. My foundation comes from my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Child Development and Family Studies from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I began working with Angels at my Divine Coding training in 2008. Since then, I have worked extensively with my Angel Guides every day. That is more hours of training than you need to become a doctor or a lawyer! Along with my training with the Angels themselves, I received my Reiki training in 2008, my Advanced Divine Coding training in 2009, and my Elite Divine Coding training in 2011. After that I took a 6 month program with my mentors at the Divine Coding Institute where I was awakened to my own source of Divine healing energy called Michale Flow.

Those are the fancy words I can offer you. Beyond that I can honestly say that I would not offer my services if I did not see myself as an expert at what I do. I offer you the highest quality services possible. I am passionate about being in integrity with the Divine and only offering services that are in the highest good of everyone who receives them. I commit to providing honest, high quality workshops, retreats, and healing sessions. This motivates me to continue my commitment to learning even more about the work I do every single day.

How does distance healing actually work?

Whether you are in the same room as me in a healing session or 5,000 miles away, the positive results will be the same! The healing energy of Michale Flow and Divine Coding are multidimensional. This means that they function at such a high vibration that we do not need to be in the same place at the same time for you (or your space) to receive the benefits of the healing energy. If you think of time and space as aspects on a 3-D plane, maybe you can see past those 3 dimensions into the many dimensions beyond them. This is where Michale Flow and Divine Coding come from: those higher dimensions that are beyond time and space. This might sound pretty far out there for you, and that’s okay. If you’re interested in simply trying it out, you can set up a 30 minute intro. session for just $20 and see for yourself!

What makes your work any different from all the other new age healing out there?

It can definitely become overwhelming when you are trying to decide just which type of alternative healing you are interested in experiencing. What sets Michale Flow apart from other types of healing is its intense cleansing properties. Archangel Michael is known as the Angel you call on to clear energy that you are ready to release from your body, your home, your workplace, etc. Michale Flow is the energy of Archangel Michael, which allows your body to cleanse away toxic chemicals, toxic behaviors, toxic relationships, and toxic thought patterns down to the cellular level. Healing sessions with Brilliant Resilience not only allow you to release energy you are ready to let go of, they also allow you to fill those newly empty spaces with direct Divine love, light, and acceptance.

With every healing session or retreat, you will leave knowing that you replaced old negative ways of living your life with Divine love and light. That’s miraculous. Every healing session, every workshop, every class Brilliant Resilience offers is full of miracles. This sounds cheesy, but it’s true. You get to experience the miracles happening while you are in sessions with me, and then when you leave you begin (or continue!) to see all the hundreds of miracles that occur all around you every day. That’s what changes your life: when you focus your attention on the miracles instead of the problems, you shift your whole experience of day-to-day life on this planet.