Brilliant Resilience presents…

The Angels and Yogis Retreat

What if your yoga practice could bring you even more healing?

Yoga brings so many amazing gifts into our lives. We gain flexibility, patience, balance, serenity and so much more from the yoga we enjoy each week.

Are you ready to receive even more from your life?
The Angels are ready to offer it to you!


Whether you have been working with Angels your whole life or never even thought about working with them at all, the Angels and Yogis Retreat can offer you a strong connection to your Divine Guides and bring happiness into your heart. Connect with your fellow Yogis as you enjoy the love and light from the Angelic realm.

You. Deserve. to Receive. This. Love.

Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Quan Yin and many other Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters have come together to bring you an entire weekend of channeled messages! They are here to work with you through guided meditation and specifically chosen asanas to help you along in your yoga practice and in your everyday life.

It’s time to shine!

The angels are coming through so strongly now because as an entire population we are choosing to focus our attention on peace and prosperity. What blocks are you letting hold you back right now? Are you ready to break through them? Do you need a little help? What if you had all the support you needed to open your heart fully and receive love and light directly from the Divine every day and every night? Imagine how open your camel pose would be!

The angels are here to nurture you! Yes, you!

Everyone can benefit from the love of the Angels. Even if you simply go to yoga for the workout, you are likely gaining the mental and emotional benefits. It is the same idea when receiving the healing of the Angels. Even if you don’t know where you stand about them, you will very likely feel their energy shift your physical, emotional, or mental state in one way or another. In all my years as a healing practitioner, I have only seen one person walk away from a healing session receiving no immediate benefits! Just one person! Sure it might sound crazy, but the benefits of yoga and meditation have been proven over and over in the scientific research, if you gain nothing else from the weekend (which I’m sure you won’t!), you will feel the benefits of being in deep meditation and yoga for a total of 16 hours!

What sets The Angels and Yogis Retreat apart?

  • The Angels and Yogis Retreat is an entirely channeled retreat. That means that it was not written by a person, but Divinely guided by 8 different Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters.
  • Every meditation is specifically formatted to bring you deep healing to your physical, emotional , mental, and spiritual life.
  • The whole room will be full of a cleansing energy called Michale Flow, which allows you to clear and release all the old energy that might be currently holding you back.

If you enjoy spending an hour at yoga or an hour with your healing practitioner, imagine how much fun an entire weekend could be! We all need a break from everyday life. We need time to completely refocus our energy, and connect back to our life purpose.

The Angels and Yogis Retreat is a huge opportunity for you to hit the refresh button on your life.

If you could start your life brand new, what would change? Would you spend more time playing with your kids? Would you spend more time cooking healthy, delicious foods or dancing with your partner? What about your life as it is right now would you change if it was as easy as hitting a button on your keyboard?

The Angels and Yogis Retreat can provide the supportive space that you need to find all the ways you are capable of creating positive change in your life.

When we lose focus on our true life’s purpose, life can become a series of repetitive events. It’s so easy to get lost in daily chores and routines.

Trying something new can bump you out of your regularly scheduled life and bump you into the person you truly are!

It’s worth giving it a shot! Maybe it is exactly what you need! Even if it is just the tiniest bit of what you need right now, it can completely change your outlook on life.

This is what the Angels and Yogis Retreat provides for you:

  • A check in with your current day to day life.
  • A check in with your Divine Purpose for being who you are today.
  • A confirmation of all the great work you have done for the world so far!
  • A reminder that you are worthy and capable of accomplishing every dream you’ve got!
  • An enjoyable weekend connecting you with new and old friends in your community.
  • A deep connection with your intuition and guidance.
  • A helpful hand in reaching all your goals and receiving the life you truly deserve to live!

Does any of that sound good to you? I bet it does! We could all use some guidance in our lives, and we absolutely deserve to receive it from our Angel Guides who were sent here with the soul (yup, soul not sole!) purpose to support us as we figure it all out.

You don’t have to have all the answers!

What you do need is an open heart to receiving the guidance and support that the Angels wish to share with you.  With life today, it can be so easy to close your heart to your own guidance. We don’t necessarily get the encouragement we need to trust our own intuition. This retreat will bring that back to you if you lost it or allow it to grow even stronger if you already use your intuition often.

There are so many reasons to close your heart to love. Find some reasons at the retreat to open it and receive the love you deserve!

It can be absolutely amazing, life changing even, to reopen your heart to the love of the Divine. It reminds you just how loved and supported you truly are.

The Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters who guide the healing meditations during this nondenominational retreat focus their wise energy on shifting first your physical body, then your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. They bring their expertise and wisdom directly to you so that you can relax and enjoy the healing without needing to understand it.

The Angels and Yogis retreat allows your mind to take a break for a weekend. You get to change your focus from continuously asking, “How?” and, “Why?” You get to bask in the child-like discoveries of experiences that go beyond your mental knowledge.

You get to participate in a weekend full of miracles!

All you have to do is be in awe of all the resources available to you! There’s no pressure to understand it at all. Simply breathe in the miracles you are being offered. How beautiful is that? You don’t have to get it! The pressure is off! You get to return to the safety of knowing that you are protected and guided beyond your own comprehension. What a relief to know that there are Angels in your life, gently setting you on your path every single day.

Remember being a kid and feeling your parents knew absolutely everything? Connecting with the Angels brings you that exact feeling again. They always, without a doubt, have your best interest in mind. They are here to work with you, guide you, challenge you, because their only hopes are that you grow as a person and as a soul. What a brilliant experience!

And you don’t just get a half hour or an hour with the Angels. You get an entire weekend to relax in their loving guidance! What an amazing gift.

The Angels and Yogis Retreat will be coming to Yoga Studios soon!

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